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Spicery by Sigree

India is the land from where street food had originated. Be it North, South, East or West, every region of India has its own speciality. Mixed with a mélange of spices and ingredients, India street food is one of its kind. Celebrating this unique art of street food comes a unique gastronomical concept, 'Spicery by Sigree'.

Inspired from the spicy streets of Punjab's Amritsari Bazaar, through the mouth-watering lanes of Delhi's Chandni Chowk, to the bustling chowks of Lucknow & finally ending up in the aromatic by-lanes of North Kolkata, you can relish on our mouth-watering delicacies which will make you walk down the memory lane of your school and college days when you sampled a Samosa, or a Palak Patta Chaat, or an Amritsari Macchi to glory.

Another unique feature of this format is its bar. So, while you savor on our delicacies, we ensure that we also cater to your dry throat with 'Spicery's Signatures' quirky cocktails and mocktails featuring the Irish Lassi, Desi Whisky Sour, Sweet Nariyal Martini and the Calcutta Mojito, to name a few.

If you are already craving to add some 'spice' to your appetite, you will find us in Acropolis Mall, Kolkata, located on the 4th floor. It's time that you kick start your exploration of the street food of India which will only leave you saying, 'Dekho! Yeh hai Incredible India (Just watch…This is 'Incredible India').

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Spicery by Sigree

Delightful Dishes

Ajwani Paneer Tikka

Chicken Biryani

Chicken Irani Cutlet

Chicken Stew

Keema Kaleji

Parsi Fried Chicken

Spicery by Sigree

Kitchen Experts

Chef Rajesh Dubey

Chief of Cuisine

Spicery by Sigree


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Our Guests'


Spicery, KolkataRaj Dey

Spicery, a name which should make all street food lovers go crazy! Yes, it's a hub of Indian Street food. We started with Lucknow's Tunday Kebab, and how can I explain the melt in the mouth experience, it was smooth, fragrant and full of flavours! Next up we ordered a North Kolkata Prawn Cutlets, there were three standard sized cutlets, they tasted pretty well, but it didn't satisfy my expectations, as it had been made from minced prawn meat. Third, we tried their day's special Murgh angara kebab, it was a tawa kebab and it tasted more like a south indian version of hariyali kebab, it had whole black peppercorns, so it was pretty spicy ! Lastly to balance the spicy of the last dish we ordered a Murgh Malai Kebab, and bam! That was it, succulent pieces of chicken with Malai on top and the sigree's flavour too it! Woof it was almost melting in mouth, so soft and tender it was!

Spicery, KolkataMalini Sengupta

It was like a 5 star experience with fine service by the staff. Mr. Gopinath (who served us) was extremely courteous and made sure we had a great dining experience. At the end of our food, we were handed over a small surprise by them. They presented a neat Indian dessert with small Gulab Jamuns and Kalo Jaams in delicious Rabri Malai. It was an unexpectedly good ending to our meal.

Spicery, KolkataNitish Datta

With some really beautiful interiors possessing the feel of both classiness as well as a splendidly colourful treat to the eyes, Spicery is one of those rare places where you get finger-licking tasty food accompanied by some of the most melodious tunes playing in the background & a real positive vibe in the overall ambience. The service is spot-on with the servers being very responsive & polite. I particularly was impressed by the yellow bulbs hanging on the ceiling, making the look all the more delightful.

Spicery, KolkataPriyanka Choumal

This restaurant serves some mouth watering street food. The taste surely treats your taste buds. The tagline here is "Add Spice to your Life" – well, I completely agree to it as dining here definitely spices up your moment. I recommended this place to all the foodies.

Spicery, KolkataArpan Bhattacharya

Street Food hogger? Oh yes. Spicery is my new go-to for some great options of Street food from all around Their Parsi Fried Chicken is a classic and thinking about it makes me drool. What a brilliant format from the house of Speciality Restaurants!


Spicery by Sigree