Did we make you feel special?

As you read this, a four thousand strong team of workers and sixteen hundred dedicated suppliers work in unison to bring you a culinary experience par extraordinaire. From handpicking the freshest ingredients to plumbing the soul of a cuisine, theirs is a passion to serve rare flavours you will cherish. The moment you step into any Speciality Restaurant, it is each of our responsibility to ensure you leave with only a lifetime experience.

Our Philosophy

Food is an expression of love. A well prepared dish is not only life giving, it strengthens bonds between people. This respect for food and love for sharing it with people is the reason why we do what we do. And, we do it with immense pride.

Our Vision

To become the Largest chain of Fine dining and Casual Dining Restaurants and Confectionaries by 2016 with leading brands of Indian and most popular International Cuisines

Our Mission

  • We are committed to make each guest feel special on every single occasion
  • Through cuisine that is evocative, inventive and authentic,
  • Through the unflagging attention to tiny details,
  • Through creating of exciting worlds with the ambience
  • Through knowledgeable staff who know what joy there is in making someone feel on top of the world.
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