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Speciality Catering Services

Mr. Gupta' daughter' marriage, Mrs. Singh's 25th anniversary, Mr. Naidu's son's 18th birthday, the celebration of football match won by a corporate group, Mr. Lee and Mr. Wang celebrating 15 years of great business partnership……..all were successful events because the Speciality Catering Services ensured the best dishes for the guests, allowing the host to relax and take the credit for the evening!

A venture by Speciality Restaurants Ltd., 15+ celebrated chains, 125+ restaurants and some of India's best fine dining brands allow us to bring culinary treats like no one else can.

You can choose from a wide range of cuisines like the delectable oriental fare from Mainland China, Haka, from the very Indian cuisines of Sigree, the bong specialities from Oh Calcutta, the Mediterranean fare from Café Mezunna, and melt in your mouth desserts from Sweet Bengal !

Why choose Speciality Catering Services all the time?
Do you question the collision protection in Mercedes cars?
Do you question the cut and carat of a De Beers diamond?
Will you ever see the British Royal Guards miss a beat?
Can you ever question the dedication and precision of honey bees when they build their honeycombs?

Similarly you can put your faith in us that every occasion of yours will have guests drooling over the spread, complimenting the hospitality.

We serve creatively and passionately with dedication, honesty, whole mindedness.

Your guests are our gods.

7 Cities
7 Outlets

Speciality Catering Services

Delightful Dishes

Asparagus Tempura Rolls

Japanese Wheat Noodles

Paneer Tikka

stone grilled chicken roasted potato salad, sauteed vegetables, citrus jus

Mochar Ghanto

Grilled Moroccan lamb chops, black olives, cous cous

Speciality Catering Services

Kitchen Experts

Chef Dubey

Chief of Cuisine

Chef Ram

Corporate Chef

Chef Subir

Brand Chef – Oh! Calcutta

Chef Kinshuk

Brand Chef – Mezzuna

Chef Harman

Brand Chef – Sigree & Sigree Global Grill

Speciality Catering Services


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Our Guests'


MD, City Corporation Ltd.Aniruddha Deshpande

We've always had really wonderful experiences when working with Speciality Catering Services for hospitality and each time they have outdone themselves. My son's wedding was made so special by their wonderful service and outstanding multi-speciality cuisines. The presentation was flawless and quality impeccable.

MD, Cello Group of CompaniesPradip Rathod

I want to thank the entire team of Speciality for the excellent catering at our Dealer's Conference 2014 – everything went beautifully. Our attendees unanimously enjoyed the meals and were awed by the high quality of service and hospitality. Extremely professional management and team work. I want to especially thank the servers at the catered event who were friendly and professional. I am so pleased I chose Speciality Catering services and would definitely consider them again the next time around!

IMG Hospitality Director Deborah Jennings

Want to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to the entire team for the excellent service to IPL Hospitality delivered by Speciality Group for all matches in Kolkata. Dynamic and varied menus, quality food, excellent presentation and professional delivery from the group which ensured the highest standard of guest experience for the IPL guests. I very much look forward to working together again.

Former Chairman (SBI)Arundhati Bhattacharya

We would like to thank the entire team of Speciality Restaurants Ltd. for making our events so opulent. The type of cuisines selected were just extraordinary and I sincerely appreciate the effort put forth by each and every member. We look forward to associating more and make the events successful, as a result.

Vice Chairman and MD, Asian Heart InstituteDr. Ramakant Pande

We have had a great experience with Speciality Catering Services. Top points to the well managed operations team and the varied range of delectable cuisines. Thank you for the special service provided and making our event a success.

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