POH – Progressive Oriental House, Kamala Mills Gate No-4, Trade View Building, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400013

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Progressive Oriental House

If the blue sea and white beaches, bustling colourful streets, dazzling neon lights, and the rich variety of flavours of the Orient tugs at your heartstrings, then POH is the place to go to satiate your soul. The cool plush surroundings, the soft lights, the serenity in the ambience, the moment you step inside the doors will transport you to somewhere in Jakarta or Manila, or Singapore.

Here fine dining is reflected in the sheer art that is displayed in every dish that is served, in the exquisite service rendered, in the excellent wines that will moisten your city-dreary parched throat.

The POH Experience encompasses a combination of the Yaodian Bar, the Sushi Bar and the Degustation Dining.

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Progressive Oriental House

Delightful Dishes

Caramel & Chocolate Cake with Wasabi Ice Cream

Crab Cakes

Crispy Banana Blossom Salad

Star Mojito

Tagouchi Cigar

The Monk

Togouchi Cigar

Progressive Oriental House

Kitchen Experts

Chef Soumya

Chef in Charge

Progressive Oriental House


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Our Guests'


POH, MumbaiMeghna Maatura

In one sentence: Culinary delight of the highest order.
One of the most authentic SEA (South East Asian) restaurants I have been to.
Had lunch with friends here y'day. Everything about yesterday's experience was brilliant.

We directly went for the mains course where we tried the famous Singapore Chilli Crab, Braised chicken with shiitake & Khow Suey. All the dishes were brilliant - delectable authentic SEA flavours, elegant and classy presentation and decent sized portions (unlike most other high-end restaurants).
The dessert menu sounded just like an inspiration out of a MasterChef Gourmet list. It was a difficult task to decide which one to go for. Finally we ordered the 'Nuts & Bolts' and ' Spiced Poached Apple'. It's a very interesting combination of flavours. The Nuts and Bolts had actual nuts and bolts made of bitter chocolate combined with some other interesting ingredients. It turned out to be a bit too bitter for our taste. The spiced poached apple combined with walnut ice-cream, basil, apple leather and many more ingredients was simply amazing.

Was blown away by the courteous staff. Arvind, who was taking care of us was a delight to interact with. He helped us make the difficult choices from a very interesting menu. There was a right balance of attentiveness along with giving three gals their space to chat away :-)

Overall a wonderful experience!

POH, MumbaiRiya Juneja

PROGRESSIVE ORIENTAL HOUSE – MUMBAI is basically one the best outlets for authentic Asian cuisine. They have the finest interiors and the finest staff in town. They are the best in this business. The ambience of the place is also good. Their staff is so much co-operative as well as understanding and specially Mr. Keith who helped us a lot during our visit at POH, Mumbai. What a glorious experience I had!

POH, MumbaiIrma Masrani

Went to POH for my first lunch of 2019. The place boasts a classy ambience with beautifully presented flavorful cuisine. Since it was the day after New year's, we had a nice, quiet and relaxed meal. The service was impeccable and the host was very helpful with his recommendations.

POH, MumbaiSanjeev Barmani

After my last night's dinner, if someone say Asian; the place which will come to my mind first is going to be POH! The interiors are fabulous and so different; it's like you have entered into the molecular world. Also, their staff is very knowledgeable and courteous.

Here are the sure-shot the things you cannot miss:
• The Asian Pizza which is one of its own kind. 
• Crispy Sushi: I can eat it All-Day-Every-Day.
• Nigaki- It's a take on classic Nigri and Maki where the final Sushi is a modern derivative of both.

I think the list is endless!

POH, MumbaiJai Rathore

The first time I visited POH with my family, we had a lovely and unforgettable dinner experience.
The ambience was nice, chic and comfortable, the service being great and the food was excellent. The meal began with a rice based crispy amuse-bouche which exploded into flavours as it popped in the mouth. Then came the Waterchestnut and Avocado Salad which was nice, but which left scope for more to be done with its ingredients. One of my favourites of the evening were the crispy Lotus stems which was spicy by itself, but when eaten with the frothy soya cream that engulfed it, tasted simply divine!
One of the greatest offerings from the house of Speciality Restaurants!


Progressive Oriental House