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    No wonder it is one of the highly rated Chinese restaurant in the city - from cleanliness to ambience and from service to taste and quality, everything was absolutely top notch! I have been to their outlets too but the chain of Mainland China whether it is staff behaviour or food quality, they never fail to impress. Truly one of the most authentic Chinese restaurants in India!

    Akshay Parakh MLC, Gurusaday Road

    Started the New Year on a good note by going for dinner at Mainland China! This is one of my favourite places, extremely consistent in their food and service. Great place to start the New Year by trying out their new menu. I ordered for my all time favourite crab meat soup and then Philadelphia sushi, smoked salmon with cream cheese and avocado, totally loved it. Next on our platter was juicy minced meat rolls, just perfect. Amazing food, this place is always packed and their service is impeccable. When I can not think of any other place I end up here.

    Simran Shroff MLC, Powai

    The crackling spinach here was to die for! Totally crackling and exuding taste and class like no other! Loved the food. The ambience. The hospitality. Everything!

    Krishnapriya Prasad MLC, Phoenix Market City, Chennai

    Mainland china is quite a famous place. In fact, it is one of the first names that pops in your mind when you think of Chinese cuisine. I visited with my dad and being an ardent lover of Chinese cuisine, he just adored the food and ambience.

    Fresh soups, huge array of starters and mains and mouth watering desserts on the buffet! It was a straightforward slurp and burp scenario.

    I must leave a special note for our server for the day –Mr. Pradeep. He was gracious and polite. He attended to our every need with the biggest possible smile. Kudos to the staff!

    Shruthi Rai MLC, Churchstreet, Bangalore

    For a Chinese loving bong, this is the place to be. Be it in my home town Kolkata or in Delhi where I am currently staying, this restaurant has never failed to amaze me. Whenever I am in mood for some nice spicy Chinese food, it is without a doubt, Mainland China!

    Anidha Dutta MLC, Noida

    When I lived in Kolkata, I never thought of going to this place. I've been to each and every restaurant of the Speciality Group, but never to this place as my mother can cook each and every item which is in the menu. However, after I shifted to Hyderabad, I realized how much I missed Bengali food especially during Pujo. So, I finally visited Oh! Calcutta to celebrate the starting of Debi Pokkho and yes, we had Topshe Maacher Cutlet with Mustard Sauce followed by Steamed Rice, Jhur Jhure Aloo Bhaja, Mochar Ghonto and Khulna Chingrir Curry. It was mind blowing and made me feel so nostalgic. Thank you Oh! Calcutta for giving me a taste of home.

    Sanjib Maitra OC, Hyderabad

    The best place for Bongs away from home, serving authentic Bengali cuisine in an environment reminiscent of all things dear to them! The restaurant has a classy decor, walls adorned with known faces from the world of Bengali cinema and literature, accompanied by soothing old songs playing in the background. On each table, they have beautiful plates with the silhouette of our beloved Kolkata sketched on it, which are taken away when food is served. We started off with Topsher Cutlet, and then moved on to Borishaler Chingri Pulao, Daab Chingri and Ilish Paturi. The highlight was definitely the Daab Chingri. I wish I can keep coming again and again.

    Reeka Chowdhury OC, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

    This place is all about class. The moment you'll enter in this place you'll get that vibe. If you're looking for some authentic Bengali food, then this is a must recommended visit for you.

    Appetizing starters like Gondhoraj Bhapa Murgi and Murshidabadi Murgi and main course such as Rajbarir Chanar Kofta, Grand Trunk Chicken, Chingri Malai Curry – there is so much that you won't get enough! Not to forget, Nolen Gur Ice cream is a personal favourite!

    Poulami Roy OC, Forum Mall

    "Please come back" - This summarises the way we were treated and the quality of food. The flavours of the Bhetki Fish Curry and the 5 spice mix vegetable was so so good, it was over before we finished the roti! The food is totally melt-in-your-mouth quality!

    After a long time I had a different form of regional Indian cuisine in a true sense. The flavour was different and the staff (absolutely fantastic service) was more than eager to help us out with what to order. I can't wait to go back.

    Anand R Pai OC, Khar, Mumbai

    Authenticity and Class These are the two words which are diminishing in the restaurants due to more commercial approach. Oh Calcutta (Bengali Cuisines) is the place where these two words aren't compromised at all. The items here are in such big numbers that you need to visit this place multiple times to relish them. I was very fortunate that I was with a friend who had an extensive knowledge of the items. My experience and taste buds screamed out for more food even when we were done eating. Truly fantastic!

    Abhinav Prakash OC, Bangalore

    I've always been a fan of Asia Kitchen and I am so glad Pune just got its first outlet. Starting with the service staff - they are extremely humble and full of warmth. I They have some unique and amazing dishes on their menu and it held true for their motto – Serving the best of the kitchens of Asia on our platter! MUST RECOMMEND!

    Barsha AK, DP Road, Pune

    Asia Kitchen By Mainland China, a spacious outlet near SakiNaka metro amidst the busy commercial estates and crowded roads, this outlet is hiding awesome, authentic Asian delicacies waiting to be savoured. Brilliant Sushi spread – from Asparagus Tempura Rolls to Prawn Siu Mai, it was oozing with taste and great flavours! It is an Asian haven.

    Foodie Forever AK, Sakinaka, Mumbai

    Located in prime location of Koramangala, the ambience is quite happening with their serving staff - Avijit, Rikin & Hamid. They were very friendly and charming. We ordered some great Open Prawn Bao, Crabmeat & Prawn Schezwan Fried Rice. For a seafood lover, this totally satiated me throughout! Can't wait to try out their entire menu.

    Suman Bannerjee AK, Bangalore

     Chinese cuisines are based in the beauty of harmony and variation.

    Truly, for many friends who have not had authentic Chinese food, this is their first opportunity to understand and appreciate at Asia Kitchen by Mainland China. Truly rich in flavours and varieties, it is one of the best Asian food places in Chennai. I would say, "Better than even most countries of Asia!"

    Pankaj Swamy AK,Nungambakkam, Chennai

    Your hunt for some finesse Chinese should end here. This place serves some lip smacking Chinese food along with some other notable Asian delicacies. Starting from the interiors, decors, to the service, everything is top notch, as is expected by the brand. Very appropriate for a good family outing.

    Sourav Saha AK, Acropolis Mall, Kolkata

    It was almost 11 in the night and we were one of the last few guests in the restaurant. The manager came to us and told us to be free and order anything we want and inform him for any complaints. That was an extremely polite gesture by him - something that we don't get to see when we enter late into the restaurant.

    Overall, I loved their hospitality and food. Extremely courteous staff and lovely food.

    Priyanka Ubale Sigree, Vashi, Mumbai

    Sigree Aundh has kept the ambience standards very high as expected. Quite a busy place. Enjoyed the hospitality of Sigree and relished the taste of authentic Indian cuisine.

    As Sigree is well-known for lavish buffet, we opted for buffet only and unlike other buffet places, their main course was as great as the appetizers. Sigree has become my all time favourite!

    Karthik Bhalla Sigree, Aundh , Pune

    This place continues to amaze. Fish starters. Chicken. Prawns. You name it, they had it all.

    Even their vegetarian options are so good to taste. I particularly remember gorging on Malpua as it was fantastic!
    Go for it guys.

    Arpan Joseph Sigree, DP Road, Pune

    I would say one should definitely go to this place for dine-out for trying its special core dish "Dal Makhani". It is extremely yummy made in ghee and butter. Best dish of this place!

    Aditi Sigree, Hyderabad

    After a long wait, I went to this restaurant and I'm happy about that because of the awesome food which was served on our table. Their ambience was great, finally I can tell others about a place whose service was extremely welcoming.

    Poojitha Ananth Sigree Annanagar, Chennai

    A fad for all food lovers. Sigree Global Grill is the perfect place for a stomach full of experience and an unforgettable buffet. The grilled prawns, seekh kebab and mutton kebabs were just mind blowing! From the succulent mutton curry, chicken, biryani, to a decadent array of desserts, we were just so happy to try it all. The staff was very generous and polite and there was retro music keeping the ambience alive.

    Definitely Recommended.

    Akhil Mehta SGG, Nungambakkam, Chennai

    Nothing would stop you to say that this is the best barbeque buffet, noot only in Kalyan Nagar but also in Bengaluru – one of the flagship brands of Speciality Restaurants. I am fairly regular at their Powai branch in Mumbai. And even in Bangalore, it was a great experience. This shows how consistent they are with their offerings. I visited them during their Bengali Food Festival and it was a refreshing change to their original menu and palette. Wow!

    Ranjith M. Thomas SGG, Bangalore

    My family members are regulars here, we live in Dubai and visit here annually. This was our 3rd visit here. We were served by Anil and Arijit.

    The restaurant offers an amazing variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes, served right at your table. It's great for a big group, giving everyone the choice of their taste. Really nice service, with the manager Surojit also checking in multiple times to make sure everything is to our liking. They made the guest feel important.

    Decently elaborate spread for the main course and dessert as well.

    The most amazing thing I find is the poster on the bathroom door, where they offer reading glasses, shawl, etc.
    A good experience overall!

    Taran Ahuja SGG, Kolkata

    Sigree Global Grill is an all time favourite of mine. The grills are sizzling and beautiful in taste and the food – piping delicious. I have had some gala time in many of my visits to Global Grill, be it with my friends or family or even colleagues. Hats off Anjan Da!

    Sumitabh Rai SGG, Kolkata

    If you love eating like there is no tomorrow, then this is a place for you. One of the finest of all the BBQ's in town, I feel! The food is always fresh and well cooked. The Tandoori items on the menu are never burnt and tastes authentic.

    My advice to all hoggers would be to not hog on to the starters all at once and keep a balance between grills, mains and desserts because you would want to try out a little of everything!

    Mayur Arora SGG, Malad, Mumbai

    This is just the kind of place where you wish to come for a hearty dinner post work.  With numerous options to eat, there is no way you'll be able to avoid trying at least a little from everything. Their serve too is very prompt and worth every penny you spend.

    Kiara SGG, Powai, Mumbai

    Dear Speciality Team
    Before I go into the details, a big THANK YOU to all of you for a wonderful experience once again at Café Mezzuna, South City, Kolkata.

    As a family we had stopped visiting the cafe in South City, Kolkata since our bad experiences in May this year. On the 22nd September 2018, we thought let us try again considering our continued good experiences at Café Mezzuna, Forum. When we entered, we were received so well, we noticed a large majority of the staff had changed and they all seemed happy. We were served very well and the food was delicious and fresh. My son did not have any upset stomach the way he did the few times we had eaten at the Cafe in May. I was observing the way the staffs were behaving with other customers and I must say - they were awesome. Thank you so much and I am definitely treating my friends here on my birthday.

    On 28th September, we visited Spicery for the first time. Had a wonderful experience, food was good for me (I don't eat much of spicy food so couldn't taste much of it) but my husband really enjoyed every dish we ordered. My son could not eat the food as even the Malai Kabab was spicy for him (he enjoys his Siu Mai and Fried Rice at Mainland China or Asia Kitchen) but I specially thank the staff who went out of the way to ensure he got a plate of momos which are usually served only during the snacks hours. As usual, with all your restaurants - very polite and efficient staff.

    Yesterday the 1st October we had an awesome experience at Mainland China, South City Mall.

    Thank you to all of you and keep it up.

    Karen Mezzuna, South City

    The service and the quality of food here is 10/10. People providing service here are very gentle and humble. You can get amazing food and drinks here. The ambience is just very beautiful.

    Ishita Baidya Café Mezzuna, South City Mall

    Situated inside the South City Mall, this restaurant has a unique feel good factor to it. From the service to ambience and to the taste, this place is something. We had visited the restaurant on a Friday afternoon and utilised their meal combo. The combo called "Fantastic Four" offered a soup, a salad, a main course and a dessert. The soup was absolutely fantastic! What a refreshing experience!

    Shyam Kalyan M Café Mezzuna, South City Mall

    After hearing unstoppable praises from my friends for this place, I knew it was on my bucket list.

    Everyone who served here had a smiling face on and were ready to explain you if you are facing any issues with the menu. You are given a tab where you can go through the entire menu and order accordingly. The place was full even on a Wednesday evening . Amazing service and food.Visiting soon again :)

    Urvashi Bhatia Café Mezzuna, Forum Mall

    Spacious, located in the buzzing area of Elgin, college crowd and campus in the nearby block, busy street and all the activity around and in mall , the place is for sure to get footfall throughout the day! Nice interiors, comfortable ambience, ample of floor space, makes it a relaxing place. Great service, food and drinks! Must visit!

    Kartik Malhotra Café Mezzuna, Forum Mall

    This was the very first time I had been to Mezzuna and I totally loved the place! I think it was simply the best pizza I've ever had!

    Ibrat Jahan Café Mezzuna, Forum Mall

    Another showstopper from The Specialty Restaurants Private Ltd that serves some phenomenal North Indian food and in a very cost effective way! Every buffet item was superb and the entire spread was worth the money.

    Sanchari Chakraborty Flame & Grill, Mani Square Mall

    One of the super famous buffet places in Kolkata, this one at Mani Square is an excellent place to fill your tummy with full satisfaction! Starting from the pleasant decor to the hospitality that you receive here, the starters the main course the desserts, you will like everything without a doubt!

    Rajatava Paria Flame & Grill, Mani Square Mall

    When it's your 10th anniversary, you need to do something special! Flame and Grill did just that. This buffet is surely a unique amalgamation of cuisines from various corners of the world, really a value for money deal according to me. Thank you Speciality Restaurants Limited for serving such immense greatness!

    Debajyoti Flame & Grill, Mani Square Mall

    Absolutely delicious spread and the Pujo special menu was even more elaborate than I had imagined. Truly fantastic management and cordial behaviour from the staff. Worth it all.

    Rajdeep Biswas Flame & Grill, South City Mall

    Quirky, fun and full of good vibes. I love going to this place to unwind and have a carefree time. The new Salad Bhel is just top notch. There's a burst of flavours which you don't expect. Apart from that, the Old Monk Chicken Wings are a complete win-win for me.

    The presentation of the liquor and alcohol based items really kill it. It's visually stunning and is quite at par in terms of taste. The LIIF (Long Island Ice Freeze) is a recommend. I also happen to like the Bath Tub and of course, Baileys. It can never disappoint.

    Overall, I love it and would recommend it to all curious people who enjoy their food and poison in the right way.

    Divya Aggarwal Hoppipola, Khar, Mumbai

    I have always had a good experience at F&G! There widespread buffet makes it a win-win situation. Even if it's buffet, the quality continues to be excellent. Have visited this place numerous times and they are pretty consistent in providing excellent services as well as food.

    Ankita Roy Chowdhury Flame & Grill, South City Mall

    This place is totally lit! The staff is friendly and despite the happy hours, there is complete rush. Still, they maintain their service well enough. The cocktails are rather unique and are a delight to have!

    Tamalika Biswas Hoppipola, Acropolis Mall, Kolkata

    Hoppipola is basically one of the best party places in Chennai. The atmosphere was lit. Pretty spacious inside located in the basement of the Spring Hotel, Nungambakkam. The staff is just perfect. So cooperative and understanding.

    When it comes to the food and drinks, they're the best in business. Their pizzas are the best!
    Overall this place is perfect for a party.

    Riya Juneja Hoppipola, Chennai

    After a very long time, I was at Hoppi to hang out on a weekday afternoon and I completely fell in love with this Young, Colourful & Vibrant place.

    The multi colour glasses in the roof kept the mood of the place very festive and fresh.

    Coming to the food, their Timepass Platter is what I recommend during happy hours – it has 4 varieties of munchies which are spicy and go well with their 1+1 on beer! What more do you need?

    Sakhi Ravoor Hoppipola, Churchstreet, Bangalore

    I think it is one of the best places in the city to have a good time with friends.

    I have visited a lot of pubs and bas but I have never gotten such excellent hospitality from them as I did from Hoppipola. I want to mention Mr. Manish who served us wonderfully. Kudos to him and the team. Had a Hoppi time for sure!

    Mukesh Ravindram Hoppipola, Hyderabad

    PROGRESSIVE ORIENTAL HOUSE – MUMBAI is basically one the best outlets for authentic Asian cuisine. They have the finest interiors and the finest staff in town. They are the best in this business. The ambience of the place is also good. Their staff is so much co-operative as well as understanding and specially Mr. Keith who helped us a lot during our visit at POH, Mumbai. What a glorious experience I had!

    Riya Juneja POH, Mumbai

    In one sentence: Culinary delight of the highest order. One of the most authentic SEA (South East Asian) restaurants I have been to.

    Had lunch with friends here y'day. Everything about yesterday's experience was brilliant.


    We directly went for the mains course where we tried the famous Singapore Chilli Crab, Braised chicken with shiitake & Khow Suey. All the dishes were brilliant - delectable authentic SEA flavours, elegant and classy presentation and decent sized portions (unlike most other high-end restaurants).

    The dessert menu sounded just like an inspiration out of a MasterChef Gourmet list. It was a difficult task to decide which one to go for. Finally we ordered the 'Nuts & Bolts' and ' Spiced Poached Apple'. It's a very interesting combination of flavours. The Nuts and Bolts had actual nuts and bolts made of bitter chocolate combined with some other interesting ingredients. It turned out to be a bit too bitter for our taste. The spiced poached apple combined with walnut ice-cream, basil, apple leather and many more ingredients was simply amazing.


    Was blown away by the courteous staff. Arvind, who was taking care of us was a delight to interact with. He helped us make the difficult choices from a very interesting menu. There was a right balance of attentiveness along with giving three gals their space to chat away :-)

    Overall a wonderful experience!

    Meghna Maatura PH, Mumbai

    Went to POH for my first lunch of 2019. The place boasts a classy ambience with beautifully presented flavorful cuisine. Since it was the day after New year's, we had a nice, quiet and relaxed meal. The service was impeccable and the host was very helpful with his recommendations.

    Irma Masrani POH, Mumbai

    After my last night's dinner, if someone say Asian; the place which will come to my mind first is going to be POH! The interiors are fabulous and so different; it's like you have entered into the molecular world. Also, their staff is very knowledgeable and courteous.

    Here are the sure-shot the things you cannot miss:

    • The Asian Pizza which is one of its own kind.
    • Crispy Sushi: I can eat it All-Day-Every-Day.
    • Nigaki- It's a take on classic Nigri and Maki where the final Sushi is a modern derivative of both.

    I think the list is endless!

    Sanjeev Barmani POH, Mumbai

    The first time I visited POH with my family, we had a lovely and unforgettable dinner experience.

    The ambience was nice, chic and comfortable, the service being great and the food was excellent. The meal began with a rice based crispy amuse-bouche which exploded into flavours as it popped in the mouth. Then came the Waterchestnut and Avocado Salad which was nice, but which left scope for more to be done with its ingredients. One of my favourites of the evening were the crispy Lotus stems which was spicy by itself, but when eaten with the frothy soya cream that engulfed it, tasted simply divine!

    One of the greatest offerings from the house of Speciality Restaurants!

    Jai Rathore POH, Mumbai

    I have been to this place a number of times. And each visit is better than before - the ambience, the service, the location & of course, the food. I will always keep coming back for more. Today, I ended my meal with this delicious chocolate dome filled with vanilla ice cream, brownies, honey noodles, popcorn & some warm chocolate sauce. Need I say more? I had this gorgeous cocktail which I'd like to call it "Bali in a glass" (literally) which was heavenly. I am all ready to #StrikeTheGong again!

    Priya Haridas Gong, Pune

    If you want to eat good Chinese and Pan Asian in Pune, then this is the place to go. We had Thai Spring Roll which was one of the best that I have had all my life. The sushis are to die for!

    Paresh Jain Gong, Pune

    This place is heaven for Asian food lovers!
    Tried a seven course meal and still mesmerized with the blast of flavours in my palate.
    What an excellent ambience which is sure to cheer you up!
    Cream cheese avocado was the best sushi I have had in a long time.
    Services are really quick and they make you feel comfortable throughout your experience.

    Ishi Gahlaut Gong, Pune

    It was just one of the visits because of the tales we heard.

    Well, like any Friday evening in a good place, it started with a little wait despite the reservation. But that's about all the discomfort we experienced.

    The near authentic things that we hoped to experience, we did. Going through the menu was bliss, so many options I was bowled over! The service was fast and undeniably responsive. Great concept!

    Abhishek Panda Gong, Pune

    One of the best Asian restaurants in the city. The interiors are aesthetically pleasing, service is great and the best sushi you could have!

    Shravani Shekhar Gong, Pune

    If you are a Bengali sweet lover and in Mumbai then this place is your refuge. This place does help you satisfy Bengali mishti cravings.

    Sandeep Chakraborty SB, Powai, Mumbai

    If it's sweets and you want the true taste of West Bengal, just opt for Sweet Bengal. A non comparable all stop shop for all kind of Bengali sweets. Taste of sondesh or rosogolla - everything is perfect.

    Sachin Rajput SB, Oshiwara, Mumbai

    Lovely options and variety of sweets. My favorite is Kheer Kodam. I would recommend this to everyone. It is truly heavenly.

    Laltesh Chandra SB, Vashi, Mumbai

     Since my very childhood, the names chomchom, roshogulla, sondesh have mesmerized me as much as their tastes.

    The creativity in sweet making and its artistic presentation is something that undoubtedly brought fame to this little gem here!

    What you get apart from a mouthful of flavours are calories for free! Do not fret. You do not mind the calories being a Punjabi!

    Gurer Malai Chomchom, Baked Rosogolla, Mango Pot, Abar Khabo, - everything on the menu is highly recommended!

    Ritika Kalra, SB, Bandra, Mumbai

    This one is a family favourite when we are missing the Kolkata mishtis! The Sweet Bengal "moiraas" (Bengali for Halwai) would undoubtedly be super talented else churning out such delicious sweets consistently is no mean feat! Our personal favourite is the rosogollar payesh! With every bite you are transported to heaven :)

    We make sure on the days we make Luchi (Bengali for poori), we definitely get payesh for the Luchi-Payesh combination is out of this world! When you are craving for a Bengali sweet, nothing comes close to Sweet Bengal in Mumbai!

    Vandana Mehra Sen SB, Thane, Mumbai

     Awesome Chinese cuisine in Kankurgachi area. Value for money, buffet spread is great, extremely prompt service by a very courteous staff. Also an extremely child-friendly space with a great variety of food and beverage to choose from!

    Subhradip Basu Haka, MS, Kolkata

    This is a great place to go to if you are famished. They have an all-you-can-eat buffet so this is the place to be if you have a huge appetite and want food at a reasonable price. I would recommend this place to every Chinese food lover.

    Debajit Das HAKA, MS, Kolkata

    Low on budget but still wanna enjoy a buffet spread? This place is the perfect one for you. They have excellent starters, authentic main course and unlimited desserts.

    Ritzee Chatterjee HAKA, CC, Kolkata

    Very nice jungle themed restaurant cum bar. I love the ambience, it seems like you are really in a jungle enjoying some great food and drinks. It's awesome.

    Depanjan Bhattacharya Jungle Safari, Kolkata

    It is the only jungle themed eatery in the city. We were there a few weeks ago and the experience was lovely! Firstly, the decor is quite nicely done and most of the kids would fall in love with the place. Lighting is super dim with a green grassy carpet all over the floor, hanging vines and creepers from the ceiling, waterfall with changing lights, figures of Mowgli and his mates from the Jungle book, a flight of stairs leading to a cozy mezzanine floor and occasional sounds of thunder and roar in the air set the mood for a nice time with friends or family. The bar is separated from the main dining area so it's safe to take your kids along. The seating is comfortable with enough space to accommodate large groups. The menu is quite detailed and every item is explained properly. Coming to the food, we liked everything we were served. All in all, quite a unique experience.

    Ravish Mathur Jungle Safari, Kolkata

    This place is simply crazy!

    My birthday was made wonderful by the wonderful staff and their cordial service. Not only was the experience of dining unique and authentic, the food was also fresh and beautifully cooked. The celebrations were made perfect with the cake that the team offered. I will definitely not forget the memory of my first time visit here.

    Pooja Mitra Jungle Safari, Kolkata

    Straight out of The Jungle Book, this place has been done up in an exotic way. Dining here is a different experience altogether. Decked up like a dense forest, it has elements from real time bird and animal sounds to make believe waterfalls. Wooden seating brings a rugged look to the whole set up. We tried few of their signature cocktails and mocktails like Sher Khan Cooler, Bagheera's Care. Not to be missed!

    Adrita Bannerjee Jungle Safari, Kolkata

    Going by the name, it is clearly understood that it is a jungle themed restaurant! Undoubtedly, the plush décor of the interior deserves plaudits. You can definitely experience the ultimate wild dining in this restaurant. A must visit restaurant for children! At the entrance of this restaurant, you'll see a monkey seating in a bench entering, you'll see a elephant raising its trunk, hear a lion's roar, live waterfall and if you go a little closer, you'll see crocodiles, tortoises and a number of wild animals! Great concept by Speciality Restaurants!

    Barnali Das Jungle Safari, Kolkata

    Spicery, a name which should make all street food lovers go crazy! Yes, it's a hub of Indian Street food. We started with Lucknow's Tunday Kebab, and how can I explain the melt in the mouth experience, it was smooth, fragrant and full of flavours! Next up we ordered a North Kolkata Prawn Cutlets, there were three standard sized cutlets, they tasted pretty well, but it didn't satisfy my expectations, as it had been made from minced prawn meat. Third, we tried their day's special Murgh angara kebab, it was a tawa kebab and it tasted more like a south indian version of hariyali kebab, it had whole black peppercorns, so it was pretty spicy ! Lastly to balance the spicy of the last dish we ordered a Murgh Malai Kebab, and bam! That was it, succulent pieces of chicken with Malai on top and the sigree's flavour too it! Woof it was almost melting in mouth, so soft and tender it was!

    Raj Dey Spicery, Kolkata

    It was like a 5 star experience with fine service by the staff. Mr. Gopinath (who served us) was extremely courteous and made sure we had a great dining experience. At the end of our food, we were handed over a small surprise by them. They presented a neat Indian dessert with small Gulab Jamuns and Kalo Jaams in delicious Rabri Malai. It was an unexpectedly good ending to our meal.

    Malini Sengupta Spicery, Kolkata

    With some really beautiful interiors possessing the feel of both classiness as well as a splendidly colourful treat to the eyes, Spicery is one of those rare places where you get finger-licking tasty food accompanied by some of the most melodious tunes playing in the background & a real positive vibe in the overall ambience. The service is spot-on with the servers being very responsive & polite. I particularly was impressed by the yellow bulbs hanging on the ceiling, making the look all the more delightful.

    Nitish Datta Spicery, Kolkata

    This restaurant serves some mouth watering street food. The taste surely treats your taste buds. The tagline here is "Add Spice to your Life" – well, I completely agree to it as dining here definitely spices up your moment.

    I recommended this place to all the foodies.

    Priyanka Choumal Spicery, Kolkata

    Street Food hogger? Oh yes. Spicery is my new go-to for some great options of Street food from all around Their Parsi Fried Chicken is a classic and thinking about it makes me drool. What a brilliant format from the house of Speciality Restaurants!

    Arpan Bhattacharya Spicery, Kolkata

    Dariole the Patisserie has become my most favourite place. Tried the cake which was super soft, moist and chocolatey. Made me go mmmm! I was very touched and impressed! Strongly recommend this for snacks and pastries!

    Tumpa Maitra Dariole, Theatre Road

    Was craving some dessert and soon as we spotted this cute cafe on our way. Dariole has a neat ambience with a wide range of pastries, buns, shakes etc. The Eclairs here is a must try. It was served warm on request. The inner core was filled with molten chocolate ,it was gooey and so yummy!

    Monalisa Saha Dariole, Theatre Road

    The latest entrant in the confectionery cum coffee shop scenario in Kolkata by Speciality Restaurants! This one serves eggless pastries, cookies, puffs and patties and what not! One can also enjoy tea and coffee in this small, cozy area with aesthetic, minimalistic decor. Worth a recommend!

    Asit Saha Dariole, Southern Avenue

    Visited this relatively new place a few days back and I am glad I did! The decor is quiet, simple and minimalistic. This place serves a wide variety of pastries and patties which are very unique such as the kosha mangsho puff, prawn Malai puff, etc. Yum!

    Deyasini Paul Dariole, Southern Avenue

    Dariole was on my list for a long time and finally I paid a visit. Dariole means a small cup shaped mould in which a dessert is prepared. My experience totally matched my expectations and it is just a beautiful place to unwind, relax and have some great desserts and savouries.

    Jayant Dugar Dariole, Theatre Road

    One of the best Chinese Restaurant in a Mall's food court. I usually prefer not eating proper meals in food court, but Zoodles is an exception. They serve some of the best quick Chinese dishes.

    Romit Bonkar Zoodles, Thane, Mumbai

    I love their Zoodle Boxes. They are quirky, innovative and so easy to have a good, filling and appetizing meal! When in doubt, go Zoodles.

    Ishika Nagpal Zoodles, Oshiwara, Mumbai

    A very unique concept of preparing and serving Oriental food. Ordered Chicken Schezwan Fury with Egg as an add on, Paneer Schezwan Fury & Peach & Passion Ice Tea. Must say it was delicious!

    Neha Wavre Zoodles, Goregaon East, Mumbai

    We've always had really wonderful experiences when working with Speciality Catering Services for hospitality and each time they have outdone themselves. My son's wedding was made so special by their wonderful service and outstanding multi-speciality cuisines. The presentation was flawless and quality impeccable.

    Aniruddha Deshpande MD, City Corporation Ltd.

    I want to thank the entire team of Speciality for the excellent catering at our Dealer's Conference 2014 – everything went beautifully. Our attendees unanimously enjoyed the meals and were awed by the high quality of service and hospitality. Extremely professional management and team work. I want to especially thank the servers at the catered event who were friendly and professional. I am so pleased I chose Speciality Catering services and would definitely consider them again the next time around!

    Pradip Rathod MD, Cello Group of Companies

    Want to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to the entire team for the excellent service to IPL Hospitality delivered by Speciality Group for all matches in Kolkata. Dynamic and varied menus, quality food, excellent presentation and professional delivery from the group which ensured the highest standard of guest experience for the IPL guests. I very much look forward to working together again.

    Deborah Jennings IMG Hospitality Director

    We would like to thank the entire team of Speciality Restaurants Ltd. for making our events so opulent. The type of cuisines selected were just extraordinary and I sincerely appreciate the effort put forth by each and every member. We look forward to associating more and make the events successful, as a result.

    Arundhati Bhattacharya Former Chairman (SBI)

    We have had a great experience with Speciality Catering Services. Top points to the well managed operations team and the varied range of delectable cuisines. Thank you for the special service provided and making our event a success.

    Dr. Ramakant Pande Vice Chairman and MD, Asian Heart Institute