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The misty winter morning chill or the sun-kissed spring afternoons, or breezy summer evenings that makes you crave for something sweet, aromatic, warm, and melt in your mouth sensations are to be found at Dariole!

At Dariole the hot freshly baked buns and the wafting essence of vanilla will make you salivate for the spongy warm cakes and pastries that melt in your mouth leaving a lingering taste of sweetness that stays on.

Dariole is for the most sought after confectionery and café, where the city's best croissants, buns, puffs, wraps, cakes, cookies, pastries and breads are produced for those who don't compromise with quality.

Whether it is birthdays, weddings, parties and anniversaries or celebrations of unforgettable memories, your event will remain incomplete without the sweet touch of a Dariole cake or pastry.

The passion that the master bakers put in each of their creations will make you a Dariole lover forever!

For all that's sweetly sensational experience visit DARIOLE !

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Delightful Dishes

Assorted Cupcakes

Blackforest Pastry

Blueberry Cheesecake

Butter Croissants

Butterscotch Pastry

Chicken Chettinad Roll

Chocolate Cupcakes



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Our Guests'


Dariole, Theatre RoadTumpa Maitra

Dariole the Patisserie has become my most favourite place. Tried the cake which was super soft, moist and chocolatey. Made me go mmmm! I was very touched and impressed! Strongly recommend this for snacks and pastries!

Dariole, Theatre RoadMonalisa Saha

Was craving some dessert and soon as we spotted this cute cafe on our way.
Dariole has a neat ambience with a wide range of pastries, buns, shakes etc.
The Eclairs here is a must try. It was served warm on request. The inner core was filled with molten chocolate ,it was gooey and so yummy!

Dariole, Southern AvenueAsit Saha

The latest entrant in the confectionery cum coffee shop scenario in Kolkata by Speciality Restaurants! This one serves eggless pastries, cookies, puffs and patties and what not! One can also enjoy tea and coffee in this small, cozy area with aesthetic, minimalistic decor. Worth a recommend!

Dariole, Southern AvenueDeyasini Paul

Visited this relatively new place a few days back and I am glad I did! The decor is quiet, simple and minimalistic. This place serves a wide variety of pastries and patties which are very unique such as the kosha mangsho puff, prawn Malai puff, etc. Yum!

Dariole, Theatre RoadJayant Dugar

Dariole was on my list for a long time and finally I paid a visit. Dariole means a small cup shaped mould in which a dessert is prepared. My experience totally matched my expectations and it is just a beautiful place to unwind, relax and have some great desserts and savouries.