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Café Mezzuna

The blue sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, the lazy sunny days on the streets of Palermo, enjoying a macchiato, surrounded by picturesque mountainous ranges, the big warm kitchens, families and friends bustling about, cooking together, sharing wine and cheese, while fresh breads are baked in the ovens, its aroma blending with the shared laughter, cosy get-togethers and the easy flow of conversation while good local recipes are cooked with gusto for the whole clan to enjoy---- have all inspired us to bring together the ambience of dining together in the Mediterranean style, enjoying great food that has to shared, eaten with friends and families, letting the food and wine become the chalice of good bonding in our very own Café Mezunna—a Restobar with a difference!

Whether it's the Spaghetti Bolognese or the pesto tossed pasta, or the fresh fish in the lemony butter sauce, or the rosemary chicken, the pizza pugliese, or the sweet endings of a melt in the mouth Tiramisu, you will feel the warmth fill your senses, and I can assure you that as you relax you will be tempted to try out our Sangrias, Bellinis or a Spritz Veneziano !

You will soon discover that our chefs used the best of fresh herbs and seasonings, vegetables, the most tender of meat and fish, the juiciest of fruits and the handpicked wines, the most authentic sauces and the true Mediterranean flavour is served in the cosiest of ambience! There is no finer place to strengthen good bonding than at Café Mezunna.

Café Mezzuna, a unit of Speciality Restaurants Limited, currently having two outlets in Kolkata, which explores the world of Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish and French flavours. The restaurant has a plush laid back setting perfect for lazy dinners and extended lunches where the conversation flows in no particular sequence as does the food chosen and served. It will remind you of the trattorias of Italy, and the lazy afternoons by the blue Mediterranean!

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2 Outlets

Café Mezzuna

Delightful Dishes

Cheesecake Brownie

Cilantro Grilled Chicken With Kokum Syrup

Mango Tiramisu

Mezzuna Caesar Salad

Mezzuna Wafer Crust Pizza with Pepperoni & Fresh Mozzarella

Orange Glazed Roast Chicken

Philadelphia Cheesecake with Berry Compote

Roast Chicken With Ginger Glaze

Café Mezzuna

Kitchen Experts

Chef Rajesh Dubey

Chief of Cuisine

Chef Kinshuk

Brand Chef

Café Mezzuna


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Our Guests'


Mezzuna, South CityKaren

Dear Speciality Team
Before I go into the details, a big THANK YOU to all of you for a wonderful experience once again at Café Mezzuna, South City, Kolkata.
As a family we had stopped visiting the Café in South City, Kolkata since our bad experiences in May this year. On the 22nd September 2018, we thought let us try again considering our continued good experiences at Café Mezzuna, Forum. When we entered, we were received so well, we noticed a large majority of the staff had changed and they all seemed happy. We were served very well and the food was delicious and fresh. My son did not have any upset stomach the way he did the few times we had eaten at the Café in May. I was observing the way the staffs were behaving with other customers and I must say - they were awesome. Thank you so much and I am definitely treating my friends here on my birthday.
On 28th September, we visited Spicery for the first time. Had a wonderful experience, food was good for me (I don't eat much of spicy food so couldn't taste much of it) but my husband really enjoyed every dish we ordered. My son could not eat the food as even the Malai Kabab was spicy for him (he enjoys his Siu Mai and Fried Rice at Mainland China or Asia Kitchen) but I specially thank the staff who went out of the way to ensure he got a plate of momos which are usually served only during the snacks hours. As usual, with all your restaurants - very polite and efficient staff. 
Yesterday the 1st October we had an awesome experience at Mainland China, South City Mall.
Thank you to all of you and keep it up.

Café Mezzuna, South City MallIshita Baidya

The service and the quality of food here is 10/10. People providing service here are very gentle and humble. You can get amazing food and drinks here. The ambience is just very beautiful

Café Mezzuna, South City MallShyam Kalyan M

Situated inside the South City Mall, this restaurant has a unique feel good factor to it. From the service to ambience and to the taste, this place is something. We had visited the restaurant on a Friday afternoon and utilised their meal combo. The combo called "Fantastic Four" offered a soup, a salad, a main course and a dessert. The soup was absolutely fantastic! What a refreshing experience!

Café Mezzuna, Forum MallUrvashi Bhatia

After hearing unstoppable praises from my friends for this place, I knew it was on my bucket list.
Everyone who served here had a smiling face on and were ready to explain you if you are facing any issues with the menu. You are given a tab where you can go through the entire menu and order accordingly. The place was full even on a Wednesday evening . Amazing service and food.Visiting soon again :)

Café Mezzuna, Forum MallKartik Malhotra

Spacious, located in the buzzing area of Elgin, college crowd and campus in the nearby block, busy street and all the activity around and in mall , the place is for sure to get footfall throughout the day! Nice interiors, comfortable ambience, ample of floor space, makes it a relaxing place. Great service, food and drinks! Must visit!

Café Mezzuna, Forum MallIbrat Jahan

This was the very first time I had been to Mezzuna and I totally loved the place! I think it was simply the best pizza I've ever had!


Café Mezzuna