A single-minded mission to make you feel special.

It is the group's mission to share with diners authentic and unique cuisines from the world over. To give them a never-before experience and make them 'feel special'.

The group has always striven to go to great lengths to pamper and surprise patrons and ensure that every dining experience they have, is something they would remember. From sourcing ingredients from far-off lands to attentive service, it's all done with one objective - to give diners an experience they will cherish forever.

Our Vision

To become a nationwide renowned and respected brand that serves the best of the global cuisine at all our Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Bar & Lounge, Bakery and Confectionery outlets and restaurants, and be the leading brand serving international cuisines.

Our Mission

Our journey has traversed cities, connected customers, created memorable cuisines and has lent authenticity to every dish served, every meal enjoyed making every dining experience a step towards a greater milestone.

The 'New age offerings,' the vibrant and warm service, the wide selection of global flavours, makes every dining experience truly "special."

Each restaurant's elegant ambience, the uniquely crafted recipes, the refinement in personalised service where each customer is treated with love and care, the vibrancy in the carefully curated menu has been a part of our passion to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience.

We have created new paradigms in the hospitality industry, by successfully translating the passion for good food into creating dishes that has culminated into fantastic dining experiences.

Speciality Restaurants Limited has been consistently providing world-class cuisine at affordable prices.

Our mission will always be to put this "passion on to your plate" and make you a part of our family as we reach for our next milestone!






Our Story An unstoppable culinary crusade...

Speciality Restaurants Ltd. is the name of a grand and passionate journey of flavours, unraveling authentic cuisines and sharing them with the world. It started as a tiny restaurant created by a bunch of foodies for some more foodie friends and even after 129 renowned restaurants and confectionaries and eight award winning cuisines, we are proud to say it still remains a Restaurant Group by the foodies, to the foodies and for the foodies.

Because at the heart of the group lies the passion of Anjan Chatterjee, and his weakness for good food that turned into a great strength for Speciality Restaurants! He started Only Fish in 1992 with the nostalgic flavours of Calcutta, in the fast lane of Mumbai. The forty by forty square feet crowded dining place drew gourmets and food critics alike with the unique flavours of Calcutta. Anjan Chatterjee realized the dearth of speciality cuisines and wanted to make good the lack of authentic flavours in the stand-alone.

Just completed 25 years of its journey.

What really drives everyone responsible for the continuing success though, is rather simple.

A love for food.



Indroneil Chatterjee
Phiroz Savak Sadri


Indroneil Chatterjee holds a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management. With over 30 years of experience in finance and marketing he brings to the table his well-rounded management skills and strategic inputs for the company's growth and expansion.


Phiroz Sadri holds a bachelor's degree in Commerce and a diploma in Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition. With over 24 years of experience in the hospitality industry including Indian Hotels Company Limited, he leads the operations team including controlling budget costing.